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Anna Holladay

sweet soul yoga


Meet Anna

I began teaching yoga in 2016 after practicing as a student for years and falling in love with all the “feels” of yoga. The first layer of discovery was a strong physical practice (asana), and then I learned that there was so much more. Breath-work (pranayama) grounded my anxiety & steadied my thoughts, and the surrender & release of a softer Yin-style practice began to unlock a weary mind & body, and draw a bridge to the Divine.

Even though I initially came to yoga for the asana challenge, Yin -style classes are my jam, as that’s where healing arrives. It’s in this space that I create and breathe authentically and encourage my students to find their own way, exploring the benefits and balance of asana/stillness, inhales/exhales, strength/ease and connecting on a deeper level to self inquiry and mindfulness.

In addition to yoga, I facilitate Sound Therapy as another modality to move energy through the body and calm the central nervous system. I often end my classes with a sweet, crystal singing bowl, Sound Bath Savasana. 

Outside of yoga, I'm mom to 3 beautiful humans, and a beloved, 16+ year old shitzu-chihuahua. I'm inspired by nature, and a child of God. My personal practice is an opportunity for prayer in motion and meditation to lead me home. I am a seeker of goodness in myself and the world around me. 

I hold a E-RYT 200 designation from Yoga Alliance and have taught over 1700 hours (May 2022). I founded the self-start up, and top five rated Sweet Soul Yoga Studio in San Antonio, Texas. The Studio closed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I have been fortunate enough to continue to share my enthusiasm for yoga and wellness with public and private classes; retreats; corporate lessons and events. You can find more info on my Instagram account: @sweet_soul_yoga


Private Lessons

Yoga was developed for one-on-one instruction over 5000 years ago. Because of its recent popularity, it's now a group practice which can be intimidating if you are a beginner. Private lessons allow you the time needed to learn and become confident in yoga poses (as well as meditation and mindfulness) at your own pace. “Come with me...I'll walk with you!” It's never too late to start yoga. It doesn't matter what shape you are in, whether you can touch your toes or not, nor your age. I've taught yoga to 5 year olds, 83 years olds and ages in between. Yoga is for Every Body, and Every Body benefits.


Athletes see some of the biggest gains with private lessons customized to their sport. Yoga provides the balance needed to prevent injury from overworked muscles and repetitive movement. Keep doing the sport you love, but make sure you are keeping your body safe, and your mind focused through the practice of yoga. 

Prenatal Yoga is beneficial not only for the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy, but the breathing practice (pranayama) helps relieve the body and mind when it comes time for labor and delivery of your sweet bundle. Private Lessons ensures that you are keeping your body safe as you navigate the changes that come with pregnancy.

Yoga for anxiety and stress includes breathing exercises to calm your nervous system, meditation to soften the edges of an overactive mind and movement to free up space and relax tension associated with stress and anxiety. Our bodies hold on to trauma, emotions and stress. Moving and learning to take care of yourself with the practice of yoga and meditation can be a true life-saver.


Private Lesson rates are determined by number of participants, location, number of lessons purchased at a time, length of time and additional equipment needed. Please contact me for more information.


Corporate Lessons & Retreats

Yoga and/or Mindful Movement is a great way to encourage and build up your team. Offering wellness modalities like yoga conveys that you care about your team’s health and wellbeing, especially in the global health crisis we find ourselves in currently. Movement, meditation and sound therapy are offerings that I provide through Zoom, in person at your place of business or in the yoga studio. 

Likewise, Yoga Retreats are a wonderful way to connect relationally, whether it be a wedding party, holiday event, bachelorette party, work associates, or women's event.

Yoga, Meditation, Stretching (Yin Yoga), Sound Bath, Relaxation Techniques, Journaling and Mindfulness are my jam and I'm happy to provide them to your group!


Rates are determined by number of participants, location, number of lessons purchased at a time, length of time and additional equipment needed. Please contact me for more information.


Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy

If you haven’t experienced a Sound Bath, you are in for a treat! This practice allows you to "come as you are" attire is not required. All that you need is an open mind, a willingness to receive sound vibration from the crystal singing bowls while you lie down, or sit comfortably. Like yoga, this modality moves energy through your body and is deeply relaxing and calming to the nervous system. 


This practice is offered at Studio Events (please see schedule under studio classes/events) and is also available in private settings. 

Rates are determined by number of participants, location, number of lessons purchased at a time, length of time and additional equipment needed, such as yoga mats, blankets and eye coverings.


Please contact me for more information.

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